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Project Description

Graphic Enginner Rubber Manufacturing can produce new rollers and re-condition used rollers in a wide variety of polymers to meet your specific dimensional and environmental requirements.

New Rubber Rollers: For new rollers, you can supply the core for us to cover, or we can supply complete. Our in-house machine shop gives us the capability to manufacture steel and aluminum cores to your specifications, then sand blast and chemically prepare them for a superior bond to the elastomer that you require. The rollers can be molded, mandrel wrapped or extruded and bonded to the core. The OD is then ground to your requirements. We can also insert set screws if needed.

Recovered Rubber Rollers: Maintenance means keeping machinery running at peak efficiency. Working with Graphic enginner Rubber Manufacturing can be the perfect complement to your maintenance programs. You no longer have to work around the original equipment manufacturer’s limited stock designs or bear the cost of complete roller or core replacement.

For recovered rollers, your inserts are first stripped if required then sand blasted, degreased and chemically prepared with a primer and adhesive prior to molding. The rollers can then be molded, mandrel wrapped or extruded and bonded to the reconditioned core just like new. The result is a vulcanized bond that is as strong as the original roller. The final dimensions are lathe ground to exacting tolerances with the required surface finish.